DDA Demo Setup

Four laptops A, B, C and D are connected to an IEEE 802.11a access point using 6Mbps transmission rate. The fifth laptop E is connected with the access point through a 100Mbps Ethernet cable. Laptops C and D are generating UDP backgroud traffic. Laptops A and B are generating two identical MPEG1 realtime video streams to laptop E and the video streams received at laptop E are projected on the large LCD screen.

Source code can be downloaded by going to the registration page . The explaination of the design of the source code can be found at the README page.

The picture of the lab

Illustration of Demo setup

Video of Demo

Demo 1

Laptop A and B both use IEEE 802.11 as the underlying MAC protocol to stream the realtime video. Video

Demo 2

Laptop B switches to use DDA as the underlying MAC protocol for streaming the realtime video. Video

Source Code