Conference Submission Deadline Location Link
Infocom 8/29/2008    
VTC-Spring 9/15/2008 Barcelona, Spain
WCNC 9/22/2008 Budapest, Hungary
Percom 9/22/2008 Galveston, Texas
ICC 9/27/2008 Dresden, Germany
Elsevier Physical Communication Journal- Cognitive Radio: Algorithms & System Design 9/30/2008
IPDPS 10/3/2008 Rome, Italy
Elsevier Ad Hoc Networks-Privacy and Security in Wireless Sensor and Ad Hoc Networks 10/20/2008
Elsevier Computer Communications-Cognitive Radio and Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Systems 10/31/2008
Sigmetrics 11/1/2008    
Mobihoc 11/1/2008    
JSAC-Recent Advances in Autonomic Communications 12/1/2008
Elsevier Performance Evaluation- Performance Evaluation of Wireless Ad Hoc, Sensor, and Ubiquitous Networks 12/1/2008
ACM Computer Communication Review 12/1/2008
Mobisys 2009 12/3/2008 Krakow, Poland
SECON  1/5/2009 Rome, Italy
Sigcomm 1/23/2009 Barcelona, Spain
VTC-Fall 2/1/2009    
Milcom 2/1/2009 Boston  
Mobicom 3/1/2009    
Broadnet 3/1/2009    
Globecom 2009 3/15/2009 Hawaii, USA
ICNP  4/1/2009    
ACM SenSys 4/1/2009    
ACM CoNext 6/1/2009    
Dyspan 6/1/2009    
HotNets Workshop 7/1/2009    
ICC 2010 9/1/2009 Capetown, South Africa  
MC2R n/a
IEEE Transactions on Parellel & Distributed Systems n/a
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing n/a
IEEE/ACM Transaction on Networking n/a
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications  n/a
Journal of Communications and Networks n/a
Elsevier Computer Networks n/a    
Elsevier Ad Hoc Networks n/a