E-Textiles Lab

Advancing research in e-textiles.

What are E-Textiles?

Electronic textiles (e-textiles) are fabrics that have electronics and interconnections woven into them, with physical flexibility and size that cannot be achieved with existing electronic manufacturing techniques. Components and interconnections are intrinsic to the fabric and thus are less visible and not susceptible to becoming tangled together or snagged by the surroundings. An e-textile can be worn in everyday situations where currently available wearable computers would hinder the user. E-textiles can also more easily adapt to changes in the computational and sensing requirements of an application, a useful feature for power management and context awareness.


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News & Events

Washington Post feature on E-Textile Lab

ECE's E-textile lab was featured in the Washington Post's Health Section on October 9, 2007

"E-Textiles" May Give "Custom Tailoring" New Meaning

Eleventh IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC 2007)

October 11-13, 2007 - Boston, MA

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E-Textile lab featured in Virginia Tech Research Magazine

The summer 2007 issue of Virginia Tech's Research Magazine features a cover story on ECE's e-Textiles group.

E-Textiles Lab on TV news

ECE's E-Textiles Laboratory was featured on Roanoke, VA WSLS TV evening news on Sept. 13, 2007.

The 4th Annual International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Computing, Networking and Services (MOBIQUITOUS 2007)

August 6-10, 2007 - Philadelphia, PA


Tom Martin Earns Presidential Award for E-Textiles work

Tom Martin has been honored with a national Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). Martin is one of 20 researchers whose work is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to receive the PECASE award, which is the highest national honor for researchers in the early stages of their careers. More

E-Textiles Lab on TV news

ECE's E-Textiles Laboratory was featured on WDBJ7 TV evening news on Oct. 5, 2006. More