Overview: Argus is an experimental "omnidirectional radio telescope," designed to achieve a instantaneous field of view covering most of the sky at L-band. Applications include searches for transient signals due to astrophysical and technological sources. The system is located on the West Campus of the Ohio State University. It was designed and built by S. Ellingson (now with Virginia Tech) and G. Hampson (now with CSIRO/ATNF) with effort from many graduate and undergraduate students and a local volunteer organization called NAAPO (see below). Funding has been received from the SETI Institute and local benefactors.

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Warning! Here are a few articles by others, addressing Argus. Please note: popular science writers, although generally well-meaning, are typically not scientists and usually refuse to provide copy so as to permit correction of errors before publication. So, it would be a big mistake to interpret anything in these articles as authoritative. Nevertheless, they are cited here for historical reasons and possible use in understanding context.

Technical and Scientific Documents

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