Radio Quiet Zones - past, present and future
Tasso Tzioumis, ATNF, CSIRO

The first step of RFI mitigation should always be avoidance of RFI to the maximum practicable extent. One way to do this is to attempt to define the RF characteristics in the environment around our observatories, and that is the basic concept of a "radio quiet zone" (RQZ).

In this contribution, I will review the past and present instances of RQZs and their operational characteristics. However, as we move into the SKA era there is a need to define more precicely what "radio quiet" means and what the new generation telescopes will need. I will review recent attempts at the OECD and ITU-R to progress the idea of RQZs. Finally, it is important that at these meetings we discuss possible paths to future RQZs and how to get there.