Suppression of Self-Generated RFI Emissions for the EVLA
Steve Durand, National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Robert Ridgeway, National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Jim Jackson, National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Rick Perley, National Radio Astronomy Observatory

The EVLA will be a fully digital radio telescope, with high speed sampling (4 GSamp/sec) done at each antenna, a digital Fiber Optic transmission system to convey the signals from the antenna to the correlator, and a very large digital correlator located at the VLA central site. To ensure that emissions from this digital circuitry not overwhelm the astronomical emissions that the telescope is designed to detect, a very high level of suppression for each potential radiating component must be implemented. In this report we describe our efforts in chracterizing the emissions from each module, and the design and testing of RFI shielding for the EVLA's racks, bins, and modules. Based on extensive testing, we believe that the EVLA will be able to operate free of self-generated interference.