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Panorama from San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm, CA, by Gregg M. Erickson.

Current Members

Mana Jalali

M.Sc.'19, Ph.D. student
Personal page
Email: Manaj2@vt.edu
Research interests: monitoring power system dynamics, learning OPF solutions, probabilistic hosting capacity analysis.

Sarthak Gupta

M.Sc.'17; worked for NYISO 2017-2019; currently Ph.D. student
Email: gsarthak@vt.edu
Research interests: OPF-and-Learn, deep neural networks, real-time scheduling of energy storage devices.

Mathirush Subramonia Pillai

M.Sc. student
Email: mathirush@vt.edu
Research interests: optimization in power distribution grids.


Ilgiz Murzakhanov

Visiting PhD student (11/2021-5/2022) from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).
Research interests: inverter control, reinforcement learning.


Sayedsina (Sina) Taheri

M.Sc.'19, Ph.D.'21
Email: sina.taheri@vt.edu
Research interests: load aggregators, deep learning, energy markets, hosting capacity analysis of distribution grids, multiparametric programming, energy storage, direct-current power grids.

Manish Singh

M.Sc.'18, Ph.D.'21
Now a postdoctoral researcher with the Un. of Minnesota
Email: manishks@vt.edu
Research interests: deep learning for optimal power flow, stability-aware OPF, distribution system restoration and control, optimal scheduling of water distribution and natural gas systems.

Siddharth (Sid) Bhela

Now with Siemens R&D
Personal page, Linkedin page
Research interests: load learning from smart meter and inverter data; transmission dynamics.

Guido Cavraro

Postdoctoral researcher, 2016-18
Now with NREL
Linkedin page
Research interests: grid topology processing using inverter and smart meter data.

Aditie Garg

Now with EPRI
Linkedin page
MSc thesis: voltage regulation using smart inverters.

Abhi Ojha

Now with Udacity
Linkedin page
MSc Thesis: gas flow and optimal gas flow solvers.