Chao Wang
  Adjunct Associate Professor
  Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  Virginia Tech

  Email: chaowang @ vt . edu





My research is in software engineering/formal methods, with emphasis on concurrency, verification, and program synthesis. I develop new methods and analysis tools for improving the safety and security of software. Of particular interest are the emerging software applications in cyber physical systems (CPS) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Recent publications [Google Scholar]:


Recent projects:

  • ConcBugAssist (a tool for diagnosis and repair of concurrency bugs)
  • Round-Up (a dynamic analysis tool for concurrent data structures)
  • R-Inspect (model checking/symbolic execution for concurrent software)
  • SC Sniffer (a side-channel leak detection and mitigation tool)
  • Shield Synthesizer (a set of software tools for program synthesis)
  • CCmutator (a concurrent C/C++ program mutation generation tool)


Professional activities:







  • Lu Zhang (Ph.D. 2016), first employment: Oracle
  • Hassan Eldib (Ph.D. 2015), first employment: Postdoc at Rice University
  • Sepideh Khoshnood (M.S. 2015), first employment: Microsoft
  • Arijit Chattopadhyay (M.S. 2014), first employment: Bloomberg
  • Kiran Adhikari (M.S. 2013), first employment: Intel
  • Kevin Hoang (B.S. 2014) , first employment: SAIC