With the universal deployment of mobile and cellular communications, and proliferation of wireless LAN technology, today's society is becoming firmly dependent on wireless networking technologies. As wireless networking continues to advance with new architectures, services and applications, researchers and developers have an increasing interest in understanding the limits of future wireless networks. Such understanding is important as it offers fundamental performance benchmarks for the design and implementation of distributed networking protocols.

To a large extent, many of the performance limits associated with wireless networks are deeply intertwined with underlying physical layer technologies. From a research perspective, advances at the physical layer usually introduce new problems at the networking layer that cannot be addressed by simply extending existing theories and algorithms. Due to the disruptive nature of many new physical layer communications technologies, problems at the network layer are usually extremely challenging and call for new theories and algorithms. Such new theoretical development would require interdisciplinary expertise in networking, wireless communications, algorithms and optimization.

The objective of this workshop is to gather a group of leading researchers from multiple disciplines to explore the important problem of how to develop a comprehensive future research agenda to bridge the gap between wireless networking technologies and advances at the physical layer. The discussions and findings from this workshop will offer timely input to the wireless networking research community and have a long-term impact on future research. They will also be used as input to NSF for future NeTS program solicitation in wireless networking area.

Workshop Chairs:
         Thomas Hou, Virginia Tech
         Anthony Ephremides, Univ. of Maryland

Workshop Support Staff:
         Emily Cuykendall, Virginia Tech

         The National Science Foundation
         CISE/CNS/NeTS Program

Time and Dates:
         August 27-28, 2007

         Hyatt Regency
         1800 Presidents Street,
         Reston, VA 20190


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