Doing Ph.D.

   Notes On The PhD Degree 
   by Douglas E. Comer

   So Long, and Thanks for the Ph.D.! 
   by Ronald T. Azuma

Doing Research

   A Stroke of Genius: Striving for Greatness in All You Do 
   by R. W. Hamming

   Useful Things to Know About Ph. D. Thesis Research 
   by H.T. Kung

Paper Review

   How to Review Papers 
   by Maja J. Mataric

   The Task of the Referee [PDF]
   by Alan Jay Smith

Writing Papers and Thesis

   The Elements of Style 
   by William Strunk, Jr.

   The American Heritage Book of English Usage

   Top-10 Tips for Writing a Paper [PPT]
   by Jim Kurose

   How to Organize your Thesis 
   by John W. Chinneck

   Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students  
   by Virginia Tech College of Engineering

   Some Hints on Mathematical Style [PDF]
   by David Goss

   Writing a Math Phase Two Paper [PDF]
   by Steven L. Kleiman

   Writing Technical Articles  
   by Henning Schulzrinne

   Common Bugs in Writing  
   by Henning Schulzrinne

   Using Imported Graphics in LaTeX2e [PS][PDF]
   by Keith Reckdahl 


Research Talk

   How to Present a Paper in Theoretical Computer Science: A Speaker's Guide for Students [PDF]
   by Ian Parberry

   What to Say in a Good Research Talk 
   by John Farrell

   The Short Talk 
   by Charles Van Loan

   How to Give a Good Research Talk [PPT][PDF]
   by Simon Peyton Jones 

Professional Networking

   Networking on the Network: A Guide to Professional Skills for PhD Students 
   by Phil Agre

Career Planning

   The Assistant Professor's Guide to the Galaxy  
   by George A. Bekey

Conference Calendar and Statistics

   Calls for Papers on Wireless and Mobile Network Control  
   by Alex Slingerland

   Networking Conference Dates  
   by Tim Moors

   Conference Statistics  
   by Kevin Almeroth

Some Useful Links 
   Great Books Online