ETA: Electronics Racks

Overview: Pictures of the ETA electronics racks undergoing their final assembly.

Maintainer: Steve Ellingson (Virginia Tech)
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Last Update: August 15, 2006

In reverse chronological order.

Left to right: Server rack (4 Dell SC430 servers), RCC rack (16 Xilinx ML310s), Digital IF rack (9 (eventually 12) Altera EP1S25 Boards). August 4, 2006
Same as above, digital IF rack door closed. August 4, 2006
Inside one of the ML310 cases. The two small custom boards attached on the right side are the EDT/MICTOR adapter board (top; interface to the digital IF rack or the SC430) and the Aurora adapter board (bottom; interfaces to up to 8 other like boards attached to other ML310s). August 4, 2006