ETA: Egress Panel

Overview: Shown here are the design and realization of the ETA egress panel. The egress panel is the component mounted to the side of the building to which the long coaxial cables from the antenna stands attach from the outside, and to which the remaining electronics attach from the inside. It also provides provides some protection from lightning strikes and serves as a grounding point.

Maintainer: Steve Ellingson (Virginia Tech)
This page is
19 Oct 2005 UT 1000. Initial posting.

Design Document: Egress Panel Design (PDF), S.W. Ellingson, Sep 21, 2005.

Completed, Outside Face: This is the side that faces out (i.e., towards the weather). The terminal strips on the right are where the power leads from the antenna stands attach. From here, power leads are routed in bundles through the holes to the right.
Completed, Inside Face. This is the side that faces in (i.e., into the building). Clear view of the PolyPhaser (brand) in-line coaxial cable lightning protection units.
Plate after drilling. This is the aluminum plate after the holes were drilled out, but before any hardware was installed. The machining was done by the Machine Shop of the Virginia Tech Department of Physics.