ECE: Electrical & Computer Engineering

ECE 5984: Handheld Computer Security

Snapdragon Board Instructor: Patrick Schaumont
Spring 2013, TR 8AM-9:15AM RAND 121
Prereq: ECE 4530


Students will study the nuts and bolts of cryptographic engineering. Students will do projects at low abstraction level (firmware, hardware, drivers) on a Dragonboard.

Catalog Description: Design and implementation of cryptographic operations and protocols in contemporary embedded platforms such as those found in handheld computing devices. Partitioning of cryptographic applications in hardware and software while considering system performance and system security. Implementation-level attacks using passive and active techniques, and countermeasure design. Security testing of handheld computer platforms. The course uses case studies and literature surveys to reflect on the state-of-the-art in handheld computer security.

Class project:
Cryptographic Engineering on a Dragonboard

This page collects the final-project assignments and class results for my ECE 5984 class on Handheld Computer Security, offered for the first time in spring 2013. The class syllabus describes the context of the course and the materials covered. The class does not use a textbook, but instead relies on recent publications.

The class project uses a Dragonboard S3 from BSquare.
This board was provided through Qualcomm's University Program.

Project Phase 1 - Cryptographic Performance Evaluation
(1/22/13 - 2/21/13)

Project Phase 2 - Research Proposal Development
(2/22/13 - 3/21/13)

Project Phase 3 - Design Development
(3/21/13 - 4/25/13)

Publications from course offering spring 2013

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