ECE: Electrical & Computer Engineering

ECE 4530:
Hardware/Software Codesign

DE2i-150 Board Instructor: Patrick Schaumont
Syllabus (Fall 2013)

Catalog Description: Introduction to the design of mixed hardware-software systems, focusing on common underlying modeling concepts, the design of hardware-software interfaces, and the trade-offs between hardware and software components. Students will use simulation tools to conduct experiments with mixed hardware-software systems in the area of embedded systems.


How will you select a microprocessor for your next embedded project? Would you develop software for the whole project or are there some parts that would be much more efficient when implemented in hardware?

Modern embedded systems are not just software or hardware, they're both. A smart designer is one that knows how to partition the system into software and hardware components, using an architecture strategy that will optimize performance, power consumption, development time, and cost.

This course goes to the root of this design problem. We will look into issues such as how to make software run faster by adding hardware coprocessors, how to design custom-instruction set processors, and how to optimize of memory-bandwidth and bus-bottlenecks in general-purpose architectures.



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