ECE: Electrical & Computer Engineering

Secure Embedded Systems

SES Center for Embedded Systems
for Critical Applications

Our group works on design and implementation aspects of security in
embedded systems design. We work on secure protocols and
cryptography implemented in embedded hardware and software.
We develop appropriate countermeasures against implementation attacks.
Our team's expertise covers multiple abstraction levels, including circuits,
hardware micro-architecture, firmware, and platform-specific software.
We are also working on methodologies, with a focus on the trade-off
between system performance, system cost, and system security.


National Science Foundation Semiconductor Research Corporation Cisco Systems, Inc National Institute for Standards and Technology Intel Corporation Altera


National Science Foundation Award 1617203
TWC: Small: Secure by Construction: An Automated Approach to Comprehensive Side Channel Resistance
Chao Wang, Patrick Schaumont
2016 - 2019
Cisco CSR Grant
Remote Device Integrity by Physical Proofs
Patrick Schaumont
2015 - 2016
National Science Foundation Award 1441710
SaTC: STARSS: FAME: Fault-attack Awareness using Microprocessor Enhancements
Patrick Schaumont, Leyla Nazhandali
2014 - 2017
ICTAS at Virginia Tech
Synthesis of Software Countermeasures to Defend against Side-channel Attacks
Chao Wang, Patrick Schaumont
2014 - 2015
National Science Foundation Award 1314598
TWC SBE: Medium: Collaborative: Dollars for Hertz: Making Trustworthy Spectrum Sharing Technically and Economically Viable
Jung-Min Park, Patrick Schaumont
2013 - 2017
Intel Corporation Grant
Embedded Systems Curriculum
Patrick Schaumont
2013 - 2014
National Science Foundation Award 1115839
TC: Small: New Directions in Side Channel Attacks and Countermeasures
Inyoung Kim, Patrick Schaumont
2011 - 2014
National Science Foundation Award 0964680
TC: Medium: From Statistics to Circuits: Foundations for Future On-chip Fingerprints
Patrick Schaumont, Leyla Nazhandali, Inyoung Kim
2010 - 2013
National Science Foundation Award 0916763
NetSE: Cross-domain Design Tools for Sensor Network and Architecture
Yaling Yang, Patrick Schaumont
2009 - 2012
National Science Foundation Award 0855095
II-NEW: Infrastructure to Collect and Analyze Circuit Variability in FPGAs
Patrick Schaumont
2009 - 2012
National Institute for Standards and Technology Grant 60NANB10D004
Environment for Fair and Comprehensive Performance Evaluation of Cryptographic Hardware and Software
Kris Gaj (GMU), Jens-Peter Kaps (GMU), Patrick Schaumont, Leyla Nazhandali, Daniel Bernstein (UIC)
2010 - 2012
National Science Foundation Award 0644070
CAREER: Hardware/Software Codesign for Secure Embedded Systems: Methods and Education
Patrick Schaumont
2007 - 2011
ICTAS at Virginia Tech
Unique and Unclonable On-chip Identifiers
Patrick Schaumont, Leyla Nazhandali, Inyoung Kim
2009 - 2010
McQ Inc
Authentication for DSP-based Sensor Nodes
Patrick Schaumont
2008 - 2009
McQ Inc
Security Measures Applicable to DSP Architectures
Patrick Schaumont
2007 - 2008
ST MicroElectornics
Electronic System Level Design
Patrick Schaumont
2006 - 2007

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