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Secure Embedded Systems
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PhD Alumni

  • Aydin Aysu (PhD 2016). Postdoc Fellow at UT Austin (Texas).
    • Dissertation: "Resource-constrained and Resource-efficient Modern Cryptosystem Design"
  • Mostafa Mohamed Ibrahim Taha (PhD 2014). Postdoc Fellow at Western University (Canada).
    • Dissertation: "Advances in the Side-Channel Analysis of Symmetric Cryptography"
    • pdf
  • Abhranil Maiti (PhD 2012). Currently at Intel, OR.
    • Dissertation: "A Systematic Approach to Design an Efficient Physical Unclonable Function" pdf
  • Xu Guo (PhD 2012). Currently at Qualcomm, CA.
    • Dissertation: "Secure and Efficient Implementations of Cryptographic Primitives" pdf
  • Zhimin Chen (PhD 2011). Currently at Apple, CA.
    • Dissertation: "SCA-Resistant and High-Performance Embedded Cryptography using Instruction-Set Extensions and Multicore Processors". pdf

MS/MEng Alumni

  • Shravya Gaddam (MS 2016). Currently at Intel (Colorado).
    • Thesis: "Design and Implementation of PUF Based Protocols for Remote Integrity Verification"
  • Ege Gulcan (MS 2015). Currently at Accenture (Turkey).
    • Thesis: "Flexible and Lightweight Cryptographic Engines for Constrained Systems" pdf
  • Sumedha Puppala (MEng 2015), Currently at CISCO.

  • Nikhil Parlapalli (MEng 2015).

  • Moein Pahlavan Yali (MS 2014). Currently at National Instruments.
    • Thesis: "An Insightful Model for FGPA-based Hardware Acceleration in Modern Embedded Systems" pdf
  • Deepak Hanamant Mane (MS 2014). Currently at Intel, OR.
    • Thesis: "Energy-harvested Lightweight Cryptosystems" pdf
  • Krishna Chaitanya Pabbuleti (MS 2014). Currently at CISCO, CA.
    • Thesis: "Performance Optimization of Public Key Cryptography on Embedded Platforms" pdf
  • Lyndon Judge (MS 2012). Currently at Microsoft, OR.
    • Thesis: "Design Methods for Cryptanalysis" pdf
  • Suvarna Mane (MS 2012). Currently at Qualcomm, NC.
    • Thesis: "Implementation of SCA-Resistant CPU and an ECDLP Engine on FPGA Platform" pdf
  • Ambuj Sinha (MS 2011). Currently at Advanced Simulation Technology, VA.
    • Thesis: "Design Techniques for Side-channel Resistant Software" pdf
  • Srikrishna Iyer (MS 2011). Currently at Qualcomm, NC.
    • Thesis: "A Unifying Interface Abstraction for Accelerated Computing in Sensor Nodes" pdf
  • Sergey Morozov (MS 2010). Currently at Intel, CA.
    • Thesis: "Elliptic Curve Cryptography on Heterogeneous Multicore Platform" pdf
  • Michael Gora (MS 2010). Currently at Acuity Solutions Coroporation, VA.
    • Thesis: "Securing Software Intellectual Property on Commodity and Legacy Embedded Systems" pdf
  • Christian Tergino (MS 2009). Currently at Medialets, NY.
    • Thesis: "Efficient Binary Field Multiplication on a VLIW DSP" pdf
  • Pengyuan Yu (MS 2007). Currently at Insigma, CA.
    • Thesis: "Implementation of a DPA-Resistant Circuit for FPGA" pdf
  • Eric Simpson (MS 2007). Currently at Lincoln Laboratory, MA.
    • Thesis: "Runtime Intellectual Property Protection on Programmable Platforms" pdf
  • Anand Balakrishnan Reddy (MEng 2008). Currently at Qualcomm, CA.

  • Raghunandan Nagesh (MEng 2008). Currently at Qualcomm, CA.

BS Alumni

  • Luke Wegryn (BS 2015)
  • Bishwamoy Sinha Roy (BS 2014).
  • Cameron Spiller (BS 2014).
  • Stephen Sul (BS 2014).
  • Shaishav Parekh (BS 2012).
  • Michael Cantrell (BS 2012).
  • Micah Boswell (BS 2012).
  • Billy Gomez (BS 2012).
  • Matthew Via (BS 2012).
  • Vikash Gunreddy (BS 2012).
  • Viktor Murillo (BS 2011).
  • Luke McHale (BS 2011).
  • Logan McDougall (BS 2011).
  • Jeff Casarona (BS 2010).

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