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Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Majid Manteghi

Research interest

To radiate the electromagnetic energy in a very short period of time the Impulse Radiating Antenna's (IRAs) are required.  High gain and high power IRA's usually have low radiation efficiency (around 23%).  We are trying to improve the radiation efficiency up to 50%.

High Efficiency And Miniaturized IRAs

Multiband antennas are vital in meeting the modern telecommunication demands of mobile terminals. Using the spatial properties of multipath channels, multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communication systems employ antenna arrays to increase their communication capacity.

Multi-band MIMO Antennas

Any structure can scatter a plane wave impulse uniquely, one can recover structural information of the object by synthesizing the scattered field. This property of the impulse scattering fields is used in the design of the chipless RFID tag.

Antenna for RFID tags and readers

Mobile TV is one of the fastest growing areas in broadcasting technology.  A miniaturized antenna with 8MHz bandwidth tunable in the 470-862 MHz frequency band is needed for this application.  The frequency band of the antenna can be tuned by changing a voltage bias of a varactor diode.

Antennas for Mobile TV

Modern Array Design Techniques

Wideband, Dual-Polarized, HF Element for OTHR

Array designs, due to their great flexibility in beam forming and their light and low profile (flat) structure, are of great demand. Therefore, they have a desirable element design, array arrangement and feeding network

The OTHR can provide a wide area surveillance both in theater and within the continental United States (CONUS); thus, it can be used for detection of lunch events and detection and tracking of low flying difficult targets, including drug traffickers.

Antenna's Fundamental Limits

It is well known that Maxwell's equations lead to a required minimum antenna size for a given frequency bandwidth and efficiency, a "fundamental limit". This limit is independent of antenna type and defines a hard limit on antenna size versus performance.

Revolutionary Techniques in the Antennas Miniaturization

Impedance modulation is a time-varying, nonlinear approach which is based on time domain spherical modes. We are providing sufficient understanding of time domain impedance modulation in antenna theory to overcome antenna fundamental limits. Impedance modulation itself is a new concept that has promise for developing multiband antennas, antennas for software defined radios, and microwave components.